Innocent Childhood Fun

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Innocent Childhood Fun
Run, Run, Run
Ghosts N Goblins N Giddy Girls
Happy Halloween in all our worlds.
Let’s be braver every year
Enjoy life’s treats more than our fear.


God-Our Healer


Our Healer? Have you looked around the world lately? Read a church bulletin? Checked Facebook pages? Talked to your family and friends? If God is our healer then why are so many of us so sick? We could fill this entire page with names of people, we love, whose bodies are failing them. But is their Healer failing them? “Where are You, God our Healer? Do You see our suffering?” Those are the questions that creep into my heart and search for a dark corner to plant despair and hopelessness. And in the dark, I wonder, “Is faith made null if the rash on my arm does not heal, my friend does not walk, or our fervent prayer for healing appears to accomplish nothing? “ Can we be made well, I mean really be rejoicingly WELL, all the while our bodies are in serious decline?
The mystery of God’s grace is deep and rich and in my life has become rock solid evidence only when things were very dark around me. I did not see God’s faithfulness when all was flowing smoothly because I was highly distracted by all the gaiety, color, and joyful, bubbling energy. But when sorrow settled in my heart and I had no solutions and there were no distractions to entertain me, at this dark time a peace deeper than myself became apparent. God’s care is not skin deep. God’s healing goes to the very core of my being. God wants me to know his wellness will go way beyond skin, muscles, mind, and bones. God desires for each or us to be well in our souls. God wants us to firmly hold the title to what we hope for -in the deepest parts of our hearts; God wants us to know the evidence of that which our eye cannot see. Our eyes might see a broken body but through faith we see the evidence of a wellness deeper than the human body. A wellness of the soul graciously connected to the Creator. A healed soul is willing to play its part in the kingdom of God vivaciously. It makes little difference whether its role here is long or short; the healed soul wants to glorify the God who Heals our Brokenness.

Hebrews 11:1 Faith is the title to the things you hope for and the evidence of things not seen.
Heavenly Father, The One who Heals our Brokenness,
Help us to rest in your goodness.
Help us to reflect your brilliance brightly,
So that darkness is dissipated
And joy, hope, peace and love increase.
Whether we live minutes or many decades help us to do it courageously in You.
We ask this in your name of FatherSonHolyOne

Memories of Move Number Six

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The year I started high school my family of eight moved from a four bedroom modern apartment to a three story house. The house was built in 1905. Originally it had five bed rooms, two kitchens, a formal room, two living rooms, a dining room and a laundry-utility room, two W.C.s and a shower room. It was a home for two families. One family had the first floor and half of the second and the other family came in the front door went up the stairs to their kitchen, living room and their bedroom was on the third floor. The house had never been updated and was in need much heavy work.

Hitler had wanted to flatten these three story row houses during World War II but his tanks could not get through the deep canal right behind the houses and the homes were spared. Jews were hidden in different parts of these houses during the war. We found stacks of newspapers and magazines from the war time in one of third floor bedrooms.

My father has always been a handy man and planned to do much of the work himself. The crossbeams in the front room down stairs had rotted out and needed to be replaced. The kitchen fireplace and brick chimney had to go. And in the entry hallway there was an oscillating lamp fueled by natural gas. Having a flame burning in the hallway for light just seemed scary to me at age twelve. The lamp stayed as an antique decoration but the gas line was removed. The shower room on the third floor was turned into my bedroom. The sink was left in my tiny room, which made this a highly desirable bedroom, because I did not have go down to the second floor to brush my teeth and wash my face. The closet next to my room became the new shower.

The first few month while the biggest project were being completed we lived elsewhere but after they were done we moved in. At that time my mother began the painting and wall papering in earnest. It took years to strip the sixty five years of paint off of the steep staircases, trim, and doors. And then they all had to be painted. My mother stripped wallpaper and re papered most of the rooms in the house and the ceilings were 10 feet high. I have no idea how she did this work and cooked three meals a day.

Of course the project have never ceased, but when my father turned eighty, he said he had painted the outside of the third floor for the last time. My parents in their remodel stay as true to the original design as possible. Many neighbors opened everything up into big modern spaces. But just this year new neighbors have ask my parents if they can come in to look at the original designs because they want to reconstruct their modern three story house back into the original look. What goes around comes around.

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