I love it when I write every day. The rhythm of getting up early in the dark, fixing a cup of hot tea, lighting a candle and siting down without saying one word to anyone and allowing words to flow. This is a peaceful way to start a new day.
So why do I stop? Why is it so hard to stick with the very thing that gives me such great joy?
What draws me to the edge of the wagon when the ride is exhilarating and rewarding? Why do I stop breathing the breathe that refreshes me?
I already know not too many days will go by before I give in and don’t write one morning because it is a really busy day. And then I skip a boring day, and then another one for no reason at all except the habit of reflecting has been broken. I miss my writing routine from the very beginning and still I follow that pathway….

But here is the really cool thing! I have learned, at age 56, that I will be back at my desk early in the morning or late at night because writing gives me much joy. I will miss my pens as they lay still in the dark, desk drawer on these days when I am running around wildly caring for clutter and crisi. But sanity will return when the daughter is married, the baby has been born, or the graduation is over. And my healing routine will come back to me again. When I was younger I did not realize this yet. Slipping could cause panic. I feared that i would never get back to it but now I know I will and I am thankful for that. The rhythm is woven all through life -ups and downs- they will never end and that is okay. Perfection is overrated; there is goodness and grace all around me and all around you.

Happy, happy November to you, my dear fellow lover of words, thoughts, ideas,
I hope your Thanks Giving has begun in earnest.
Enjoy the rhythm of your life.