Today is a good day to look up and around


Today is a good day to look up and look around and see the every day minute details that touch my life. It is in the noticing and naming of the mundane that leads to a calming of my restless soul. Just slowly breathing in my real life lifts the malaise that can blanket everything when I am rushing around in senseless haste. This ungrateful, UN-achored, aimless darting about leads to a heavy disposition that drapes over me and dampens all the delightful and colorful joy in my life. But there is a simple solution to this heavy, wet dreariness and it is to slowly stop the pacing and to quietly look up and around and see the every day minute details that touch one’s life.

So at 6:35 in the morning i see….

Capable and flexible Finger that find the needed keys to tap
The Ability to Feel my face through my ever so perceptive fingertips
To feel the delicate curvature of my eyelids and movement of my eyeballs through those eyelids, lips, cheeks, chin and a hair here and there. It is like going on vacation and exploring another country while sitting almost completely still at my desk. Discovering grace for my face. A face that allows me to be seen and to see  others; a face that communicates joys and heartbreaks.
The warmth of my cup containing a hot beverage on a cold morning
The ability to detect the faint fragrance of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar
The mildly sweet taste of molasses
Two roaming cats – Nale and Moose- who wander around my cluttered desk looking for  attention and adventure.
The fragrance of the red candle preforming a private dance and the warmth that rises above the glass container in which the candle light flickers. Who can even understand how a flame melts the wax and the wick drinks up the melted wax and the flame uses the heated wax for fuel to create this delightful dance. Even this situation in all its simplicity is extremely mysterious, wonderful, powerful and dangerous and gives opportunity for deep reflection. I am thankful for The One Who Made the Sun. And thankful this sun is now coloring the horizon with pinks, yellows and brightening light on this Eighteenth day of November, Twenty Fourteen at five minutes after seven in Lubbock Texas.  Good morning, Friends. Join in the Thanks Giving.


Thanks Giving Month is Here


The candy has been passed out, the costumes have been crumpled away, and a new month is here. November brings relief from the heat of summer. Yellow, orange, and red leaves dance in the wind and pecans play hide and seek with all who are willing to bend down and be meek. This is a good time to give thanks for blessings that have come and continue to come our way, for daylight ends before our energy has been depleted and if we can resist the temptation of mind numbing, never ending electronic entertainment, we have time to reflect on the beauty that’s present in life.

Join me in writing out ways you are deeply touch by gifts around you. Gifts that no one needed to buy, wrap up or present to you. These gifts no one owns; they are freely distributed to all who will notice them. Let’s notice them and write them out, one by one, and reread them every time we feel down, left out, isolated or deprived. These gifts will bless with each reading and each remembrance. Share your list in a note to grandma, grandchild, parent, or friend. A cousin, sibling, or dear, sick neighbor might need to hear some uplifting words of thanks giving. Let’s pray our lists in prayers of thanksgiving.

May the end of 2014 for ever be known as a time of our great and joyful Thanksgiving. Look around right where you are and start your list… I am thankful for …. the connection with those who read these words. I am thankful for those who share their hearts’ experiences in pondered out words. There is no better time than right now to start giving thanks.

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